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Blackboard – Types of content you can add to your course

A summary of the types of content you can add to Blackboard course pages, using the above content buttons.

Build content

A content item is any type of file, text, image, or link that appears to users in a Content Area. You can use the web text editor to format text, attach files, embed multimedia, and insert equations, links, and tables.

More on content items.

Adding a file as an item to your course without any description. Files can be uploaded from your computer, or linked from the Course Files area. Students will need to download most file types, and will be able to use Blackboard Ally to download alternative formats.

You can upload multimedia files from your computer or Course Files. More on adding images, video, and audio
Web LinkYou can link to an external website.
Learning ModuleLearning Modules allow you to put a number of pieces of content into a linear order.  You can also add interactive features such as quizzes.  This feature can be useful if you wish to lead a student through a number of pieces of content in sequence, rather than the standard model of providing content through which students make their own way.
More on learning modules.
Lesson PlanThe lesson plan content type allows you to create online lesson plans complete with accompanying content resources.
More on lesson plans.
SyllabusThe Blackboard Syllabus Builder can be used to add a piece of course content to any content area of your Blackboard course containing details of the course syllabus. It provides a useful template to outline learning objectives, materials required, and details of lessons.
How to use the syllabus builder.
Course LinkYou can create a shortcut to an item, tool, or area in your course for quick access to relevant materials.

This creates a relative link. Relative links point to the correct area of the course, even when the course has been rolled over (copied).
Content Package (SCORM)SCORM (Sharable Content Objective Reference Model) is a standard for learning objects (a unit of educational content delivered via the internet).

The zipped file can be unpackaged and played through a content player.

You may be familiar with SCORM in courses such as the staff Health & Safety course.

More on content packages.
Link to Reading List – including sectionsThis tool is a way to present your Reading List in the course content. It is different than adding your Reading List to the course menu as a course tool link, as it is presented in a specific area of the course and can be linked to specific sections of a reading list.
Content FolderYou can organise content in folders and sub-folders. Try not to bury content too “deep”.
Module PageA Module Page does not hold traditional content, instead you can add modules to the page which dynamically pull pertinent information from your Blackboard course and present it to users. 
Blank PagePages are different from “items” in that the text of items is shown within the parent folder, while the text of a page is shown only once the page is opened.
Mashups: Flickr Photo / Slideshare Presentation / YouTube VideoYou can use mashups to browse for and add social media elements from other websites
More on mashups
Mashups: Panopto Video EmbedEmbed a Panopto video from the course recordings. Please ensure that the users have permission to view the video.
RiipenOnly for School of Management Courses. Please see the Riipen Teams site for updates from the Education Application Support Team.


See more about the different types of Assessment and when to use them.

TestCreate/add a Blackboard Test.
SurveyCreate/add a Blackboard Survey.
AssignmentCreate/add a Blackboard Assignment.
Turnitin AssignmentCreate/add Turnitin Assignment.


Discussion BoardCreate a link to the discussion board page or a specific discussion board forum. Also see using Discussion Boards.
BlogsCreate a link to the Blogs page or create a new Blog. Also see using Blogs.
JournalsCreate a link to the Journal page, link to a specific Journal or create a new Journal. Also see using Journals.
WikisCreate a link to the Wikis page, link to a specific Wiki or create a new Wiki. Also see using Wikis.
GroupsCreate a link to the Groups page, link to a specific group or group set, or create a new group or group set.
Tools AreaCreate a link to the Tools area.
AchievementsSelecting this will take you to create course achievements.
More on achievements.
Panopto Video LinkAdd a Panopto video into the page content, linked from the recorded sessions folder. Please ensure that the users have permission to view the video.
AchievementsYes this is the second listing for achievements. It is slightly different. This creates a link for course users to view their “My Achievements” page.
AnnouncementsCreates a link to the course announcements area.
Blackboard Collaborate UltraCreates a link to the course Blackboard Collaborate area.
Blackboard HelpCreates a link to “Blackboard Help for Students“. This is an external webpage found on the Blackboard Help website.

Please note that the University of Southampton uses Blackboard Original Course View. You may need to select “Go to Original Course View page.” from the bar towards the top of the page.
CalendarCreates a link to the Blackboard Calendar.
a.k.a. Staff Information
Creates a link to the “Staff Information” area.
EmailCreates a link to the email area of the course. (This allows students easy access to email all course members).
GlossaryCreate a Glossary link in a Content Area to share terms that you have defined with students. You can also make the Glossary available in the Course Menu.
Module InformationCreate a link to the Module Information page in the course menu.
My MarksCreate a link to My Marks to allow students to easily locate their marks. (Otherwise available under Tools>My Marks).
Panopto Course Tool ApplicationCreates a link to the Panopto Recorded Sessions area.
Past Exam PapersCreates a link to Past Exam Papers.
Reading ListCreates a link to Reading List.
RosterCreates a link to the class roster. This allows students to see all users enrolled on the course.
TasksCreates a link to Tasks.
Teams IntegrationCreates a link to the course Teams site (if one has been created).

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