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Changes to Panopto in Blackboard

On 4th September 2023 we will be updating the way Panopto works in Blackboard. There will be no downtime for either Blackboard or Panopto during this change. But there will be a minor change to the way that you look at your previous Blackboard courses ā€˜Recorded Sessionsā€™ area if it was created before the 23/24 academic year.  

All new Blackboard courses and ones that span over more than one academic year are unaffected by this change and Panopto will work from the standard ā€˜Recorded Sessionsā€™ course button. All old Blackboard courses will no longer have the direct link to the Panopto folder from the ā€˜Recorded Sessionsā€™ button and so if you need access to old courses Panopto folders you will need to do so directly from Panoptoā€™s website: https://southampton.cloud.panopto.eu/  

What does this mean for my videos? 

As far as your videos are concerned there will be no impact to them. They will all use the same links, have the same permissions, and will continue to work for you and your students. If you embed your videos into your course, you will not notice any difference and it will work the same. 

How do I access Panopto on my new 23/24 course? 

You can access Panopto directly from your course as before under ā€˜Recorded Sessionsā€™. 

Due to the way my course runs/works it is still listed as a 22/23 year course, what happens to that? 

We have a manual process that we will apply to such courses that span over two different academic years so you will not notice any change in access, and it will work the same as it has done previously. 

How do I access videos on my old Blackboard course? 

If you have videos on older Blackboard courses that were not embedded and wish to access them, you can do so by going directly to https://southampton.cloud.panopto.eu/ and you can then search under ā€˜Foldersā€™ for any of your course folders by typing in your courses module code. E.g BIOL1001. 

If you still have a specific need to access Panopto from your old Blackboard course, please raise a ticket with ServiceLine where we can investigate updating the course access for you. 

You can manually add a link to your courses old Panopto folder by following our support guide here: https://elearn.soton.ac.uk/knowledge-base/panoptolinkfolders/

What does this mean for logging into Panopto? 

There will be no changes to logging into Panopto, it will be exactly the same as before. 

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