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Adding a score to a Turnitin assignment using Feedback Studio

Do not open Turnitin in multiple tabs or browser windows. Only use one browser tab to interact with Turnitin.

This guide shows how to add a score to a Turnitin submission using Feedback Studio.

Access Control Panel

1. From your course’s Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and click on Turnitin Assignments.

Locate Turnitin Assignment

Locate TurnitinUK Assignment

2. Click on the name of the relevant Turnitin Assignment.

Turnitin Assignment Inbox

Turnitin Assignment Inbox

3.  You will be taken to the Assignment Inbox, where you should see a list of submissions made by students on the course.  Click on the pencil icon to open a paper in the GradeMark view.  If you have already entered a mark for a submission, this mark will be shown in place of the pencil icon.

Click into grade box to enter a mark / grade


4.  Click into the score box in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Add a mark and then click elsewhere on screen to save


5.  Type a number into the score box and then click away from this box.  Make sure that you click away from the box (e.g. click somewhere else on the page / submission) before you close this window, as if you close the window whilst the score box is still active (e.g. whilst it has a blue highlight around it), the score won’t be saved.

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