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Panopto – How do I upload a video on my computer?

Please note: A provisioned Blackboard course is still required to follow this guide unless recording into your “My Folder”, however there are circumstances where the Blackboard Recorded Sessions link does not show the create button.

  • Open the Panopto administration website https://southampton.cloud.panopto.eu.
  • The main Panopto administration website should now be visible.
  • Select the Blackboard course that you wish to upload the video into.
  • From the top toolbar select ‘Create’ and from the list that appears, select ‘Upload media’.
Highlighted view of a course folder in the Panopto website. Showing a blue 'Create' button selected followed by a list of options: Panopto for Windows. Panopto Capture. Upload media. Playlist.
  • Find the video you wish to upload and drag it into the “Drag video or audio files here…” area of Panopto.
On the left is a video clip, on the right a Panopto upload area shown with a dotted box. A file is being dragged from the explorer window to Panopto.

If you don’t want to drag the file you can also click within the dotted box. This will then open an explorer window to find files on your computer.

Your video will now upload. Depending on the length of the media file, it may take a few minutes to a few hours for the video to process. You may also edit the name of the media file while it is uploading.

Important note: You must not close the window until the page says “It is safe to close this window”.

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