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Panopto – Live streaming a Panopto recording

You can live-stream a Panopto recording to your students in other rooms around campus or around the world by clicking on a single checkbox before starting your recording.

The Panopto live stream is better suited for sessions that does not require much audience participation, if you wish to be able to live interact with your audience it is best to use Blackboard Collaborate or MS Teams.

If you live-stream a presentation you will not have the opportunity to pause the recording at any point

How to live-stream a recording

  1. Run through the normal process for starting Panopto and recording a new session, but don’t press Record.
    (Help on this topic is available on this website)
  2. Tick the ‘Webcast’ button in the top right corner.
A Panopto recorder application, highlighting the 'Webcast' tick box being selected.
  1. Select the ‘Record’ button to start the webcast and recording of the session.
  2. People can see and join the live session from either the Blackboard courses ‘Recorded Sessions’ area, or on the Panopto recorder you can copy and share the join link to others.
A highlight of the bottom part of a Panopto recorder showing a webcast url link that can be copied.

How to Create a Webcast URL and a Waiting Room in Advance

If you wish to organise an event in advance and share a link to attendees so they can join look at the Panopto help guide pages for more information.

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