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Panopto – Allow students to download content

If someone can see content on their screen they can capture it. No website can categorically stop a malicious user from downloading the video.

Allow all videos to be downloadable

To allow students to download video select the cog icon for ‘Settings’ within your Panopto folder, select “Settings” and change “Downloads enabled” to “Authenticated users with access”.

Panopto folder focused view. Settings cog for the folder has been selected. On the menu 'Settings' has been selected. It shows highlighted the 'Downloads' area and a dropdown box is highlighted.

Allow a single video to be downloadable

It is also possible to turn on downloads for a single video, to do this find the video you wish to allow downloads on and move your mouse over it. You should see some new menu options, from here select the cog icon for ‘Settings’. On the new ‘Overview’ menu that shows look at the ‘Downloads’ option.

A Panopto recording showing the 'Overview' details for the recording. Highlighted to the bottom shows a 'Downloads' with a dropdown list of options.

From here select from the dropdown menu the option of ‘Authenticated users with access’ and let your students know they can now download.

A highlighted view of the downloads dropdown menu box and its options. From top to bottom: Use folder settings (Admins, videographers and creator only). No one. Admins only. Admins, videographers and creators only. Authenticated users with access. All users with access.

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