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Panopto – Install on a Non University computer

The following guide is only for installing Panopto on a personal non University computer, or for unlocked University laptops.

To download Panopto on any device, open a web browser and go to: https://southampton.cloud.panopto.eu

Whenever you are asked to sign into Panopto, please select the option to log in with Blackboard. It will then show you the Blackboard login page, where asked please log into Blackboard as normal.

The Panopto website login page, showing Blackboard has been selected from the dropdown list.

On the logged in Panopto page, look to the top left of the page where it has a blue ‘Create’ button, select this button.

A focused view of the Panopto website interface, highlighting the 'Create' button. There is also a list of recordings that can be watched.

It will now show you a list of creation options, select the top option that says ‘Panopto for Windows’.

A focused highlighted view of the create list showing from top to bottom: Panopto for windows. Panopto capture. Upload media. Webcast. Build a session. Playlist.

A new menu will show, from here select the appropriate Windows installer suitable for your computer. Once downloaded run the Panopto installer as normal.

A focused view of the record a new session menu. From top to bottom showing: Launch Panopto. Download installer, windows 8.1 up 32bit. Download installer, windows 8.1 up 64bit. Download installer macOS 10.15 and up. Further menu options are not what you should be selecting.

Before the installation starts some Windows users may see this prompt before installing, select ‘Yes’ to proceed.

A Windows notification box asking permission to make changes to the computer.

The first part of the installer you will see a section that should be prefilled with information about where it will save recordings and the server it will upload to. Just double check that the server address is southampton.cloud.panopto.eu and continue to install.

The Panopto installer software, prefilled with the installation destination, where recordings are stored and the web server address for Panopto.

Once installed load up the Panopto recorder application, it will ask you to sign in. Once again make sure you say to sign in with Blackboard.

A Panopto recorder asking to be signed into.

It will show you the Blackboard login page, possibly in a new web browser, where you can login as normal.

A web browser showing the Blackboard login page.

Depending on your version of Windows you may get a prompt asking if it is ok to switch applications, please say ‘Yes’ to this.

A Windows notification box asking permission to switch apps.

You should see that you are now signed into the Panopto recorder and ready to record.

A logged in Panopto recorder interface.

If you need any additional help on the next steps of making a recording please go to our guides on how to create a PC recording page.

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