Vevox guide for students

Student guide: How to access Vevox and take part in a live poll.

Lecturers and meeting hosts can use the Vevox app to run live quizzes, surveys, and recording Q&A (questions and answers). You may see an invitation to join a Vevox session in live, and online, lectures and meetings as well as in Blackboard courses. You can use your own device to record your answers and lecturers can share results with the audience in real-time.

How do I access Vevox to join a session?

You do not need a download or an account to join a Vevox session.

There are a number of ways to access Vevox:

  • Follow this link to the online
  • Scan the QR code displayed by the instructor using your device camera.
  • Follow the Vevox link in the MySouthampton app.
  • Download the free Vevox app from your app store.

The lecturer or presenter will share a session ID with you, enter the 9-digit Session ID into the Vevox app and select Join.

Follow this link for a video guide on how to join a Vevox session

How do I take part in a Vevox session?

Video guide

Watch this short video on how to answer polls, Q&A (Questions & Answers) as well as use the survey functionality.

Follow these links for guides to the different Vevox questions types:

How do I answer polls?

How do I ask questions in a Q&A (Question and Answer) message board?

How do I answer a survey?

Are poll and survey results anonymous?

Sessions are set to anonymous by default. There is no way of knowing who is who when using your device. A lecturer or presenter can change this setting and you will then be asked to enter a profile name after you join the session, so you can be identified.

What if I can’t vote?

What if you can’t connect to Eduroam, have run out of battery, or don’t own a suitable mobile device?

Let your lecturer/meeting host know that you cannot access Vevox and they can suggest an alternative. You can write your answers to poll questions down and then compare them with the results shown on screen, if there is a Q&A board, ask your questions directly or via Chat if you are in an online session.

Can I run my own Vevox poll?

You can create Vevox polls for up to 100 users by registering for a free Educational account. Use a personal email account when setting up a free education account and not your University email.

If you need access to a University of Southampton Vevox tutor account please raise a ServiceLine ticket.

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