Blackboard – request a personal Sandbox course

Staff guide: A sandbox is a course used for training and testing.

Original Course Sandbox

All Blackboard courses for 23-24 and earlier are in Blackboard Original format.

ULTRA Course Sandbox

We are planning to run a project to fully upgrade our current version of Blackboard Original to Blackboard Ultra and more information will be shared in due course.

Training and support for ULTRA courses will be rolled out in due course, but see these Blackboard ULTRA Guides to get you started. You can also sign up to the Anthology Community site and join the regular Learn Ultra Course Seminar programme.

Request multiple Sandbox courses

You can only create one original Sandbox course and one Ultra Sandbox course. If you need other Sandbox courses follow this link to request a Custom (arbitrary) course.

A custom course will be set up in the Original format by default. If you want an ULTRA custom course, request this in the Additional Comments section of the request form. See this guide for how to convert this course to the UTLRA format.


Refresh your screen if you see an error when you try to log into the Course Builder tool.

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