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CLS – Smaller rooms with press button control

Equipment found in this room

  • A University Windows PC with keyboard and mouse, connected to the University network.
  • A HDMI cable is the standard connection to allow you to connect your own laptop or other devices to display on the screen. Other video connections like VGA, USB-C or Apple Thunderbolt might be available but not are not standardised. We recommend you bring your own USB-C, Mac or iPad display adapter if required. 
  • Network socket to connect a laptop to the network. You will need your own network cable.
  • Either a projector or a large TV screen/s.
  • Amplifier and speakers for audio (voice, PC, laptop, external devices).
  • Area microphone to record your voice using the Panopto recorder.
  • Whiteboard and pens.
  • Internal phone, that can be used to called ServiceLine (x25656) if you need to report a problem. Note that calls from CLS rooms are given priority if there is a queue.

By default, the lectern PC can use PanoptoBlackboard Collaborate and MS Teams.

A majority of these rooms have Dome Camera in the ceiling, this can be used for capturing a video feed of yourself when presenting/teaching from the front of the room. Some of the cameras are also capable of capturing the whiteboard, to find out which rooms are capable please look at our reference page here.

Please note audience facing cameras are not fitted as standard. 


Most computers will have or use a standard HDMI connection for displaying its screen output, the lectern computers have a standard cable that looks like the following:

A HDMI cable.
HDMI-HDMImini-HDMImicro.png – Wikimedia CommonsStandard (CLS cable), Mini and Micro

If you are using a new Apple Mac you will need to have your own USB C to HDMI type of adapter:

An Apple USB C to HDMI and USB C adapter.
MiNe-M_100-3426U | Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter | MiNe | Flickr

Using the controller

The push button controller looks like this:

A lectern push button controller. Buttons from left to right top: On. PC. HDMI. Button from left to right bottom: Off. VGA. HDMI 2. AV Mute. There is a volume control nob to the far rights.

To turn on the projector/TV screen select the β€˜Proj Onβ€˜ button (A).

Once it has been turned on, you can select any of the inputs (B) of the lectern PC (PC), to plug in a laptop or external device with the lectern VGA or HDMI cables via β€˜Table HDMIβ€˜ or β€˜Table VGAβ€˜. The inputs can be changed at any point to something different by selecting the different buttons.

If for some reason you need to mute the all of the audio in the room then you can do so selecting β€˜AV Muteβ€˜ (C). To adjust the overall sound levels in the room turn the silver controller (D) either left to make it quieter or right to make it louder. Notice that the amount of green lights will change to show the volume levels.

Once the equipment is not longer needed then select the β€˜Proj Offβ€˜ button (E) to make sure everything is shutdown and ready for the next person to use the room.


You can always call ServiceLine on x25656 using the phone in the room for help. But here are some simple things you can check yourself to fix the problem quickly.

CLS Main display

  • Double check that you have selected the projector/display button to be on.
  • Make sure you selected the correct video source (PC, laptop, HDMI etc.) using the control panel.

Laptop video

  • Make sure the cables are securely plugged into your device.
  • On a laptop check you extended or duplicated the display. On a PC this is Windows + P.
  • Checked the correct display input is selected on the control panel.


  • Check that the volume on the PC or laptop turned up.
  • See if the volume on the room’s control panel is turned up.
  • If you are using HDMI, try disconnecting and reconnecting the cable, making sure that it is securely plugged in. Check that you have selected the correct audio output.

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