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Panopto – Copying a video to another folder / course

First, load the Panopto admin website at https://southampton.cloud.panopto.eu. Log in with Blackboard.

Tick the boxes next to the sessions you wish to copy.

A focused view of a Panopto course folder page. It shows a list of recording previews where some have been selected.

From the toolbar select the ‘Copy’ button.

A highlighted view of the top menu buttons, showing from left to right: Refresh. List view options. Filter by date. Delete. Copy. Move. Share.

Either search for your course or browse for it in the list. Remember that your Blackboard course is the one that contains the year (BIOL1001-10362-18-19, not just BIOL1001 as that is the rollover folder).

A focused view of the select folder list. The top bar has some text entered in it. Below that is a list of results that match the entered text.

Finally, select the large green ‘Copy’ button that appears.

A focused view of a confirmation message box showing the folder location the videos are being moved to. Highlighted is a green 'Copy' button.

Your videos will need to be processed by Panopto (in a similar way to when you uploaded them from the Panopto recorder). They should be visible to students in less than an hour (often within 5 minutes).

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