Panopto – Rename a session

To rename a Panopto session after it is created, first access your Panopto area of Blackboard or sign into the Panopto admin website.

Hover your mouse over the session you wish to rename. Some additional buttons will appear, select the cog for ‘Settings’.

A Panopto recording showing its options. From left to right. Share. Settings and more Options.

A settings page will appear. The text next to ‘Name’ is the sessions current name. Select the ‘Edit’ button next to it.

A Panopto recording overview page. Highlighted is the 'Name' section of the page.

You can now change the name of the session, then select the ‘Save’ button once you are happy with your new name.

Highlighting the name change box and the text 'Save' button underneath it.

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