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Resources for creating accessible content

More than two million people in the UK live with a visual impairment.  Many more report having difficulties with their sight.  4.5% of the the British population is colour blind.

When we use colours, the contrast between two colours needs to be enough so that people can tell the difference.  For example, for some white text on a yellow background can be very hard to read.

Using University Branding: Colour contrast

Colour contrast accessibility matrix

This matrix lists all the colours in the University of Southampton brand and can be used to look up which colours are accessible when used together.  This is the interactive web version suitable for use on computers and mobile devices.

Colour contrast examples

Need help selecting accessible colour combinations?

Use the UoS Brand Accessible Colour Suggester to select accessible colour combinations in line with the University of Southampton colour scheme. With each use of the Randomise button, a background colour, text colour, and three graphic colours will appear at random from the UoS brand.

Student Support Recommendations and Assessment

Always speak to your Student Office who will be able to provide Faculty-specific support for Student Support Recommendations and assessment.

Please see Student Disability & Wellbeing web pages for information about reasonable adjustment exam policy and Additional Exam Adjustments.

Please see Getting Started with Short Duration Online Assessments and our Assessment Recipes for guidance on how to set up online assessment.

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