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Panopto – How do I provision my course in Blackboard?

iSolutions has paused the automatic provision of all courses for 2023-24. You only need to follow this guide if you are running a new course or a course that hasn’t used Panopto before.

Follow these steps to activate your course for the semester.

Load up your Blackboard course.

From the left menu area on your course, select the ‘plus’ pill icon from the top.

A screenshot of a Blackboard course menu list with the add new menu item highlighted from the top.

From the list that then shows, select the ‘Tool Link’ option.

A screenshot of the expanded out add menu item box showing tool link highlighted.

This will give you the add tool link box. From here you should enter under ‘Name:’ Recorded Sessions.

A screenshot of the Blackboard add tool link box with empty data.

After you have given it a name, select into the dropdown box below it for ‘Type:’ and select ‘Panopto Video’ from the list.

A screenshot of the expanded menu list of type of tools that can be added.

Double check you have given it the correct name, and should you wish students on your course to see the Panopto area select the ‘Available to Users’ checkbox.

A screenshot of the Blackboard add tool link box with Panopto video added and ready to submit

You will now see your newly created ‘Recorded Sessions’ tool link in your menu list. The last part is to activate Panopto on your course. This is done by selecting your ‘Recorded Sessions’ link.

A screenshot showing a course left menu list with Recorded Sessions highlighted.

This will show a launching the LTI page, it will take a few seconds to load the first time due to it making your Panopto folder as well.

A screenshot showing the Blackboard launching LTI holding page.

Finally your Panopto course folder will show. From here if you want to go back to your Blackboard course you just need to select from the top left the text for your course title.

A screenshot showing a loaded Panopto course folder.

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