Vevox: Getting Started

Staff guide: logging in, tools, tips, and training for Vevox live polling

Why use Vevox?

Vevox enhances online, hybrid, and face-to-face sessions with options for live polling, quizzes, surveys, and Q&A.  Instructors can present questions, answer options, and results through a web browser or via the Vevox integration in PowerPoint or Teams. Students participate using a web browser, or the Vevox app, on their own device.

With Vevox you can:

  • Engage your participants with live polling for face to face or virtual sessions.
  • Everyone can share ideas and questions whether remote or in person.
  • Make everyone feel connected, valued & heard.
  • Turn PowerPoint presentations into two-way conversations.
  • Brainstorm & collect ideas, create impactful experiences and gather insights & trends.

More information is available from the Vevox website (opens in a new tab).

Access Vevox


More information on creating and sharing sessions can be found on the Vevox help site.

NHS users

If you have registered for federated access with your NHS account, or a University external account, you will be able to access Vevox.


Students do not need to create an account to use Vevox.

To join a session, students :

  • Follow a link to the online, QR code displayed by the instructor, or the link in MySouthampton. (Students can also install the free Vevox app on their own device).
  • Enter the 9-digit Meeting ID.
  • Select Join.

Voting is normally anonymous, but you can require students to create a profile (name and surname).

Students can find more information in our Vevox guide for students.

Guide to Features

Follow these links to Vevox help guides.

Live Polling

Set up is quick, easy and you can see the results in real-time as your audience vote on any web-enabled device. Display options include Multiple choice, Wordcloud, text, star rating, XY plot, and pin on an image.


The Vevox live quizzing feature can help you to identify knowledge gaps, increase participation and attention levels and give instant feedback.


Run a Q&A throughout your session and focus your efforts on the most popular crowdsourced questions and give everyone a truly equal voice.


Students can answer survey questions in their own time, which makes them a great option for mid-module and end-of-module evaluation surveys.

This 5-minute video explains how to create a mid-module survey and includes suggestions for the questions you might ask and some practical advice about running the survey and feeding back the results. Learn more about the benefits of mid-module evaluation.

Using Vevox in Common Learning Spaces

You can extend your PC’s display in CLS rooms so that you can view the Vevox dashboard on your main screen while your PowerPoint slides, or the Vevox Projector, are shown to your students on the extended screen. See the guide: Extending your PC display for details

Vevox Integrations

Collaborate or Teams

Vevox is an excellent tool for improving engagement in online sessions. See our guide to using Vevox with Collaborate and Teams for more information.


It’s also possible to use Vevox as part of a Panopto webcast – bear in mind you will need to allow for a short (30s) delay in what students see on screen.

PowerPoint add-in

You can embed Vevox polls within your PowerPoint presentation.

Vevox has a new Office 365 add-in that will replace the original PowerPoint add-in. See this guide for the benefits of the new add-in and how to install it and start using it to deliver polls via PowerPoint.

Training and support

If you need technical help, please contact Vevox support directly or the University ServiceLine –  make sure “Vevox” is in the ‘short description’.

If you’d like to discuss the educational use of Vevox, please contact Digital Learning.

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