Blackboard – Embed social media content (SnapWidget)


It is possible to use SnapWidget, a free third party service, to create an embed code to add your instagram photos into your Blackboard course. SnapWidget and Instagram are a third party services that are not provided via the University. Users should read SnapWidget’s and Instagram’s terms and conditions.

  • Go to SnapWidget and follow instructions to create your embed code.
  • Navigate to your Blackboard course and identify¬†where¬†in your Blackboard course you would like to place the feed, and add the¬†item,¬†announcement¬†etc.
  • Click on the¬†HTML¬†button within the text box to open HTML mode.
  • Paste¬†the text you copied into the clipboard from SnapWidget¬†into the Blackboard text box.
  • Change the¬†http¬†text to¬†https.
  • Click on¬†Update¬†to close the HTML box, and then on¬†Submit¬†to finish.
  • Your content now embedded within¬†your Blackboard course

Thanks to the Instructional Support & Training team (also known as the iTeam) at the University of San Diego for the tip of using this method.



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