Blackboard – Troubleshooting for Students

Accessing Blackboard

Username and password

Please see My account and email.

You can reset your password by answering the security questions that you set when you created your computing account. You can do this from the Subscribe website.

I have subscribed to my University computing account but I cannot access Blackboard

Blackboard accounts are created within 24 hours of your initial subscription to iSolutions services. Please wait 24 hours after you have subscribed before attempting to access Blackboard.

“No authentication credentials” error

This error is caused by an incorrect security setting on your computer. In order to function, Blackboard needs to be able to execute scripts on your computer. To activate scripts in Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu -> select Internet Options -> and click on the Security Tab. Now, click on the“Internet” zone icon (the globe) at the top of the screen. Next, click on the Custom Level button at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down the page until you find the Scripting section and be sure Active Scripting is enabled. Blackboard requires scripting to be turned on in order to work correctly, however if you are concerned about this setting you can change it back to the previous setting when you finish using Blackboard.

“Challenge token null” error

This is usually caused if you use a bookmark or favourite to access Blackboard and the login screen (where you enter your username and password) is bookmarked instead of the front page. If you use a bookmark to access Blackboard make sure it goes to and no other page.

“Please wait while module information is loaded” error

Follow these instructions to clear your web browser cache. When you have done so restart your browser and try again.

Blackboard courses

Blackboard course is “unavailable”

When courses are created on Blackboard they are set to be unavailable to students.  This is so that the course instructor may prepare the course and then make it available when they are ready.

Cannot see my module courses on Blackboard

  • Have you checked your full course list?
  • If may take overnight for the system to update and show your courses if you have only recently enrolled.
  • Please speak to the Student Hub who can check your module enrolment.

Blackboard course is empty

  • Check whether the course menu has collapsed on the left-hand side of the page.
  • The course may have items which are hidden from students – please check with your course instructor if you think you should be able to see more content.

Using Blackboard

Issues submitting an assessment

Please see Assessment tips and troubleshooting.

Can’t open files

You can download files using Blackboard Ally.

Please check your browser settings. Microsoft Edge and Chrome may have issues opening files in the browser but you can change your settings to download files as default.

Videos not playing

Your Instructor controls the permissions for the video content they add to the Blackboard course. Please check with them that the approprapriate permissions are in place so that you can view the video. You can also raise a ServiceLine ticket if you have any technical issues.

I set Blackboard to another language

To change the language back:

  • Select the Logout button – it remains at the same place at the top right of the page. The icon looks like a power button.
  • You will be taken back to Blackboard’s front page.
  • Below the login box is a link “Show available languages”, click on this and a globe appears on the left of the browser window, click on it and then – click on English (or your preferred language).
  • Select Login, enter your username and password

Cannot view additional pages of a PDF in Chrome browser

An occasional issue with the Chrome browser can result in only the first page of a PDF displayed.  You can change your browser settings to download PDFs instead of opening them in the browser.

1. Select the three-dot Menu button and choose Settings.

2. Type the word PDF into the search box.

3. Select Site Settings.

4. Select Additional content settings and then PDF documents.

5. Select Download PDFs

Text disappears in the Blackboard text editor

This issue particularly occurs if you are using an Apple Mac with the Safari Web Browser. Blackboard recommend using the Firefox or Chrome web browsers if you use a Mac and have difficulties with the text box.

I need to download a lot of files from Blackboard and need the software to view them

You can install Office for free whilst you are a member of the University.

Adobe provide a free reader for PDF files called Adobe Acrobat, you can download it from Adobe’s website.

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