Blackboard – Arranging guest access

Guest access setting for your Blackboard course

Your Blackboard course can be opened up so any students, staff, or external guest may view certain areas of your course. If you opt to use it, be sure you understand what this role means and how users can access your course. Please see the Blackboard guide for setting up Guest access.

Logging in as a guest

NHS and external medicine staff

New from April 2024: Register for access to University services using your NHS email

Follow this guide to register for federated access to University systems using your NHS email.

Federated authentication accounts allow users to access University of Southampton applications using their credentials from a trusted organisation, such as or, and support single sign-on.

I registered for an NHS/University of Southampton account access prior to April 2024. How do I access Blackboard?

Starting from September 2024, all NHS accounts (both old and new) will use federated accounts to access the following applications:

Until September 2024, you may still log in using your provided NHS account username and password.

Your Blackboard username is your University nhs account username followed by

  • E.g. nhs0001

Reset your password on the Medicine External User Service website.


Access to computing facilities is not normally allowed to anyone other than current members of the University (holders of a valid University ID card and identity number). However certain exceptions are made for some honorary staff or external researchers working within the University and an application for a visitor account must be made to Human Resources by relevant Faculty or Professional Service on behalf of the person who needs the access.

For further information, including links to the Visitor Access forms, see the HR Visitors page on the University website.

Conference accounts

Please use this form to apply for short term access for conference and event delegates to University IT facilities and resources. Note that this form is for conference and event use only and HR must be contacted for access to IT resources for visitors.

New arrivals: Staff, visitors and student

New staff members should await their contract information and instructions to activate their computing account via Subscribe Self-Service.

New students should follow guidance from their Student Office. They will be invited to enrol and activate their computing account via Subscribe Self-Service.

Once a new member to the University has subscribed to their computing account, Blackboard access will be activated overnight.

Suspended, returning and auditing students

Students who are “suspended with services” will be able to log into Blackboard, but will not have access to the Blackboard courses for the current academic year. Suspension with services refers to the fact that the student can access their email account and limited other resources while suspending their studies.

Where possible, access to Blackboard courses should be granted via module enrolments in Banner.

Please speak to the Student Office if you are concerned about a student accessing a course.

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