Blackboard – Photo Roster

To view the ID card photos of your class, use the Photo Roster tool in Blackboard.

  • You must be enrolled on the course as an Instructor or School Office Administrator
  • Enter the course and locate Course Tools on the left-hand menu, then select Photo Roster
Screenshot of Blackboard menu showing location of the Photo Roster tool in the "Course Tools" area.

A new page will load showing all students currently enrolled on the Blackboard course.

Screenshot of Photo Roser
  • You can order by last name, first name or student ID
  • If you are using the Blackboard groups feature you can also order the photographs by group.
  • You can filter the list by student ID, name or email
  • Student name appears under the student photo
  • If the Blackboard course has been merged. The child course ID appears under the student ID
  • If the student is a member of a group, the group name appears under the student ID.
  • Selecting the student name will allow you to directly email the student.

Printing the Photo Roster

Use the Print button (to the right of the filter) to open a print dialog with the current view.

Once the print dialog is opened, you will see a preview of how the page will be printed. If you want to fit more photos on each page you may choose to remove or shrink the page margins: loop for the “More settings” area.

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