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Access Module Profile in Blackboard

Most teaching course templates will have a prepopulated menu item called “Module Profile”. The course instructor does not need to take any action to set this up and it cannot be directly edited.

The Module Profile menu item highlighted in a red box.
  • Select “Module Profile” in the Blackboard menu
  • You may briefly see a loading page
  • The Module Profile page should load
  • Select the course name in the top left to return to Blackboard course
Screenshot of a module profile page displayed within a Blackboard course. The course name in the top left is highlighted by a red arrow labelled "Return to course".

Note for students: If you have any questions about the module information, please contact the module instructor.

Note for staff: Module information is taken from the modules database Worktribe. If you want to make any changes, please contact Curriculum Quality Assurance team.

Access Module Information via courses.soton website

You can access Module Information directly from the Module Information website, also known as courses.soton.

  • Students will see the programme and module information associated with the programme code they are enrolled on. Students can use the Search to explore other programmes.
  • If you are a member of staff, go to the Search option and look up a programme to see the student view for that programme.
  • The data in Module Information comes from the Curriculum Manager (Worktribe). If anything is incorrect, contact your faculty CQA office to request changes in Curriculum Manager.
  • If you have feedback on the user experience and layout of Module Information, please contact Education Application Support via a ServiceLine ticket.

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