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Creating and Editing Wiki pages

Please see Blackboard Help for using Wikis.


1. To link to a new wiki page the page already has to have been created. If you have not already created the new page click on Create Wiki Page and set the page up as normal.

2. On the new page it is good practice to add a link to take the reader back to the previous page. So in this example we have created a new page about Kittens and we will add a link to go back to the main Cats page.

3. Click on the Link to Wiki Page button.


4. Set the Select Wiki Page Link dropdown menu to the page you wish to link to.

5. Type in the text that will form the link e.g. “back to home page”.

6. Click on Submit.

Link created

7. Your link will now be added.  Click on Submit to finish editing the page.

Another link

8. So now you can go through the same process to add the link to this new page you just created in your original page.  So go back to the original page and edit it and add a new link to your new page.  In this screenshot we want to add a link to the kittens page.  The text is ready and we need to click on the create wiki link button which is encircled in red.

More link

9. We select the kittens page from the dropdown menu.

10. In the Rename Wiki Page Link we finish the sentence we were typing so that “kittens.” becomes the link.

11. Click on submit.


12. Now the link has been added.  We can now carry on adding content if necessary and click on the Submit button to finish.

For Instructors: How to roll back a Blackboard wiki page

Follow this guide to restore an earlier version of a wiki page.

Identify page

1. From the wiki page list identify the page you wish to roll back to an earlier version and click on the action button beside it.

2. Choose History from the menu that appears.

Deleting Versions

3. To roll back to an earlier version of a page delete the later versions up to the page to which you wish to “roll back”.  Tick the page you wish to remove and choose Delete.

4. Note that this implementation of roll back means that you cannot roll forward after the event, because you have deleted the later versions.

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