Blackboard – Change the course landing page.

Staff Guide: The default entry point is Announcements and this is the first area users will see. This guide shows you how to change the entry point to a different menu item and correct issues you may have if you delete the Announcement section.

To change the course entry point

  • From Course Management, expand the Customisation menu and choose Teaching Style.
navigate to Course management -Control Panel. Expand Customisation and choose Teaching Style
  • Scroll down to the section Select course entry point.
  • Choose an entry point from the drop-down list. Note that empty areas are not shown.
  • DO NOT choose an item that leads to an external link such as:
    • Module Profile
    • Past Exam Papers
    • Reading List
    • Teams
    • Recorded Sessions
  • Select Submit.


This can happen if the course entry point has been changed to an external link, or the Announcements section is deleted.

  • Select the small square icon to the left of the course title to Display the Course Menu in a Window
  • The course menu will pop up in a new window. Select a content area from the menu to be taken back into the course.
  • Follow the instructions above to change the course entry point to a different area.
  • If Announcements have been deleted, add a new Announcements Tool Link to the menu and then set this as the entry point.

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