Blackboard – Managing the students’ view of marks.

Staff guide: IMPORTANT – Ensure marks are hidden from students before you intend to post them by checking the assessment settings AND Blackboard Grade Centre column settings.

How do students see their marks in Blackboard?

1. Marks view

Students can follow the link to Tools/MyMarks located in the course menu or via the Marks menu on Blackboard Navigation. Marks will show marks visible in the Blackboard Grade Centre.

From Monday 20th March the TOTAL column in the Blackboard Grade Centre will be hidden by default to avoid any marks being added to the total and made available to students ahead of the post date, and to hide the “How am I doing” data that compares a student’s mark to the class average.

Hide the Blackboard Grade Centre Column for an assessment if you do not want students to see grades ahead of the post date.
This needs to be done for Turnitin assignments and Blackboard Tests, even if you have set a marks release date when setting up the assessment.

Student view of Marks. When the Total column is hidden no overall total is visible to students. They only see Recent Marks from visible grade centre columns.

Students can follow the link to the assessment on the Blackboard course page if it is available to students. Students can view marks and feedback depending on the options set in the assessment.

Check the marks release settings in the assessment options.

How to Hide/Reveal Grade Centre Columns

Hide the assessment’s Grade Centre column and the TOTAL column to ensure marks stay hidden from students until you want the marks released.

Marks are hidden if there is a red line through the icon to the left of the column title.

Note: Turnitin assignments with anonymous marking will only send marks to the Grade Centre after the feedback release date or when names are revealed.

How to hide/reveal the assignment grade centre column

  • From the Course Management menu select Grade CentreFull Grade Centre.
  • Find the grade centre column for the assignment.
  • Select the drop-down options list to the right of the grade column title.
  • Select Hide from students (on/off).
  • The column is hidden (marks hidden from students) when a red line is shown through the icon next to the column title.
  • Select Submit.
  • Repeat these steps to make the column visible to students once marks can be released.

How to show/hide the main TOTAL (external mark) column

We advise against unhiding the default TOTAL column. This could cause confusion for students who are being told the overall course TOTAL and “How am I doing” features will no longer be available in their Marks view.

If you need a running total of certain assessments in your Blackboard course, see the section on how to create a new calculated total column.

If you do need to show or hide the TOTAL (or external mark) column:

  • From the Course Management menu select Grade CentreFull Grade Centre.
  • Find the TOTAL column and select the drop-down options list to the right of the TOTAL column title.
  • Select Edit Column Information.
  • Scroll down to the Options settings and select Yes or No for the option to “show this column to students”.
Set the options ofe Show this column to students and Include this column in Grade Centre calculaitons to NO.
  • Select Submit.

Hide/Reveal marks and feedback via the assessment options.

Students can access marks and feedback by following the link to the assignment from the Blackboard course page.

Students will not be able to see their marks and feedback via the course link before any marks release date set in the assessment options, but marks may still be available via the Grade Centre if the column is not hidden.

How to check marks release settings in the assessment item options

Links to guides for marks release settings:

Check the assessment Grade Centre column and Total column are also hidden or students may see marks via their My Marks link.

It is best practice to leave the assessment link available so students can view their submission receipts and feedback this way.

You can make an assessment content item unavailable to students if you need to hide marks and feedback AFTER the marks release date set in the assignment.

Use adaptive release to hide content from individuals or groups

Please see our guides on adaptive release

How to create a running Total if you need one

You can add a calculated total column if you need to show students a running total of some assessments in your course. You can define which columns or assessment categories are included in the total.

See this Blackboard Guide for more information on calculated columns, including weighted and average columns.

  • In the Grade Center, open the Create Calculated Column menu and select Total Column.
  • On the Create Total Column page, type a brief name and an optional description. The name becomes the column name in the Grade Center and on students’ My Grades pages. If the name is too long to display clearly in the Grade Center, add a shorter name in the Grade Center Name box. Only the first 14-15 characters appear in the column heading in the Grade Center grid.
  • In the Select Columns section, select what to include in the column’s calculation. You can select Columns for particular assessments or Categories – for example, all Tests.
  • Select the Options:
    • Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations: Select Yes to make the column available for potential inclusion when creating calculated columns.
    • Show this Column to Students: Select Yes to display the column to students in My Marks.
    • Show Statistics (average and median) for this Column to Students in My Grades: Select No
  • Select Submit.

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