Teams – Guides to using Class Teams

Staff guide: If you have set up a Team via Blackboard, or you are manually creating a Team for teaching, these guides will help you get the most from a Class Team.

About Class Teams

Creating a Class Team is another way to communicate with your students and encourage 2-way discussion and collaboration as well as a place to host online teaching sessions and meetings.

Teams created using the Blackboard/Teams integration tool are Class Teams.

When you create a Team manually, you have options on the type of Team you want to set up. See the Microsoft guide for information on the features and uses of the different Team types.

When creating a new team you have the option to set up a Class, Personal Learning Community, Staff or Other Team type.

Features of Class Teams

Class Teams have specific features to support teaching and are slightly different to the Other Teams you may be used to when collaborating with staff. (Note we do not recommend setting up Staff or PLC team types)

If you create your Team via the Blackboard/Teams integration tool, student enrolments will stay in sync with your Blackboard course users.

User guides and training

Blackboard/Teams integration tool

Microsoft guides include instructions on how to set up a Team and enrol users, but we suggest you do this via the Blackboard/Teams integration tool if you have a Blackboard course associated with your student group.

Microsoft Teams for Education site

This site includes links using all the features of Class Teams including; setting up and running meetings, breakout rooms, announcements, and sharing files as well as using Assignments and the Class Notebook.

Includes a handy Quick start guide for staff and students.

Training videos and resources

Microsoft Learn Educator Centre – Teams

The Educator Centre has a wide range of training materials from basic video guides to courses covering the pedagogy of online learning.

The site is for all levels from primary to HE so not all of the modules will be relevant to your delivery.

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