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Teams – Add a link in a Class Team back to a related Blackboard course.

Staff Guide: How to create a direct “deep link” to your Blackboard course and add this to your Class Team.

If you have created a Class Team with the UoS Blackboard/Teams integration tool, there will already be a link to the Team in the menu of the Blackboard course. You can add a link from the Team back to the Blackboard course, by following the steps below.

You can link directly to the Blackboard login or home page using the link: https://blackboard.soton.ac.uk.

A deep link to a Blackboard course will take enrolled users directly to that course, even if they are not currently logged into Blackboard. A deep link is a shortened go.soton.ac.uk link.

Follow steps 1a and 2 in this guide to create a shortened (deep) link to your course.

  • Go to the General Channel of your Class Team.
  • Select Add Tab (+) from the options at the top of the Channel page.
A highlight of the Teams application showing the add content + button.
  • Select Website from the list of Tabs available to add.
A Teams application showing the various options that can be added. The 'Website' option has been highlighted.
  • Enter a descriptive name for the tab, for example, “Blackboard”.
  • Enter a URL:
    • use https://blackboard.soton.ac.uk to link to the Blackboard home page or login page.
    • Enter your go.soton.ac.uk, deep-link, to link directly to your course.
    • DO NOT simply copy and paste the URL to your course – this will not work if users are not already logged into Blackboard.
  • Select Save.
Type Blackboad into the Tab name field and paste the URL link into the URL filed. Untick Post to the channel about this tab. Select Save.

See this Microsoft guide for more information on tabs.

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